Great staff, awesome experience
Everyone I worked with was awesome. I had my Limited in for taller bars and the stage 1 Rockford Fosgate speaker and amp upgrade. This was the first time I worked with the dealership after previously buying the bike from their sister store in Green Bay. I worked with Alex to order in parts and set up the service weeks before. She's knowledgeable and was great at communicating that the parts I wanted were on back order, leading me to switch to others they have in stock. Meyer did a great job with the install of the parts and even adjusted the backrest position for me after I had made a side comment earlier that it was set in the wrong spot. He didn't have to do it, but did anyways. Thanks Meyer! After a 2.5 hour ride up in 30s and 40 degree weather, I was frozen. Riley gave me a ride to the hotel I stayed at so I could avoid more time in the cold. Although I didn't work directly with Marcus, he was fun to chat with while I waited around for the bike to be finished. Overall this is a great group of people that I'd be happy to recommend to anyone and I'll be sure to stop back in next time I need more service. Thank you all! (Employee: Alex Russell, Meyer Just Meyer, Riley Moscherosch, Marcus m)
Mike Gorman
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